He's Scott. She's Suzette. Together They're Scott + Suzette.
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Looking for an IT rockstar? I’m your huckleberry.

We Used To Be Cool.
Really, We Were.

We even had cool banners!

We blogged back when our generation – Generation X – was acting all millennial, before the actual millennials grew up and started acting all, well, millennial.

Cool family photos? Check. Snarky, witty, and cutting memes and commentary? Check. Hip pregnancy announcements and incredibly intricate kids’ birthday parties? You bet.

Even though Scott never grew an ironic beard, he did grow grunge-worthy sideburns and chops. Suzette tried cool new hair styles (which, of course, she promptly hated), had time to try recipes she found on trendy food blogs, and was able to watch actual television shows.

Then, social media came along – right around the same time our kids started growing up and demanding we spend actual time with them (and right around the time Scott stopped growing those awesome sideburns, because they were turning grey-ish).

We started to freak out because we had to think about things like “saving for college”, “retirement”, and “the future”.

Now, all we have time for is pretending we’re still hip, snarky, and trendy – but on social media. It was fun, internet, while it lasted. At least we got to keep our cool banners.

Playskool Trucks Millennial Coloring Books
We popularized Playskool trucks for adults, way before millennials popularized coloring books for adults...
USC Fight On Leave No Doubt
Scott went to USC in the pre-Pete Carroll days - aka the dark years - so he was just a bit enthusiastic in the 2000s about their success.
Will Ferrell More Cowbell SNL
Will Ferrell. Cowbell. If you don't know what this is about, you really need to catch up on your cultural references prior to, say, 2010.
Lazy Sunday Mr Pibb Red Vines
SNL. Lazy Sunday. Pretty much one of the funniest things done, everrrrrrr (as the kids say). Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = crazy delicious...
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Scott Jackson
@soclsurferMay 22
RT @rcwhalen: The upper third of the housing bubble is deflating on falling volume..... "Existing-home sales decline for fifth time in six…
Scott Jackson
@soclsurferMay 22
@wfaaweather I’ll approve of this, so long as my cold/cough gets begone forthwith so I can properly pool this weekend...
Scott Jackson
@soclsurferMay 22
“If you can’t beat them, kick them out of your league.” Or, if you’re #USC in the Pete Carroll era, conspire to ge… https://t.co/d0ISEaHBAA